10.12.15 Letter from Mr. Z about Servathon


At this point, FBS is four weeks away from our November 3rd Servathon! We have raised over $8000, and it’s time to kick our fundraising into high gear. Remember, these funds will go directly to teachers and technology! 

The November 3rd Servathon will include FBS students heading out into our community during the morning hours to serve at several locations. For example, many of our students will serve that morning at the HALO center by preparing meals for the homeless. Instead of asking people to sponsor your student for a “jogathon” or “walkathon,” we are asking that your contacts sponsor our students as they go and serve others. What greater lesson can be taught in a fundraiser?

Currently, less than half of our families have committed to fundraise by contacting thirty people. While we may be excited by how much has been raised thus far with so few, could you imagine how far we could go if we had everyone on board? A core value of FBS is to provide the Christian home with an affordable education option. You play a part in that year by year as we fundraise to support this ministry. Please sign up if you have not. If you can’t text, make a phone call. If you can’t call, write a letter.

Lastly, we are pleased to announce that November 3, will be a half day of school! Students will go out and serve their community in the morning, and then celebrate that service with an afternoon “Carnival” here on the grounds of FBS. In order to participate in the carnival, beginning at 12:30 pm and continuing through 3:10 pm, your family must turn in the following: a commitment card (found in your packet) and your 30 contact sheet (filled out). That’s it! The whole family will be invited, and the event is free of charge. You will not want to miss this celebration carnival; so please, do your part!

Mr. Mark Zockoll