About Faith Baptist School

Our Core Values

Training and Education

The responsibility for the training and education of our children was given by the Lord to parents. Parental responsibilities are detailed in numerous passages, including the book of Proverbs, Deuteronomy 6, and Colossians 2:8. The responsibility and charge to preach sound doctrine and to preserve the truth of God’s Word was given by God to the pastor and the church.These responsibilites are noted, as well as in other passages, in Ephesians 4:12-15 and I Timothy 3:15. These two institutions, established by God are to work together to train the child. To provide for this, Faith Baptist Church in Salisbury, MD founded Faith Baptist School so that its members and those of like faith and practice in the surrounding area might place their children in a institution where the parent and school focus on Biblicaly founded principles of education and discipline.

Christ-Centered Living

The goal of Faith Baptist School, as a ministry of Faith Baptist Church, is to help the family prepare their children to live a Christ-centered life.
Beginning with the Word of God, Faith Baptist School seeks to instill in its students a Christian worldview. Through this context our students are instructed in academics and all other disciplines necessary to the complete training of the college bound graduate. We believe “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Proverbs 9:10) and that all subjects should be taught in the light of the Scriptures. This school is dedicated to reaching children for Christ, grounding them in the faith, and sending them out as well-trained Christian leaders of tomorrow capable of serving the Lord in whatever capacity he calls them.
We pursue excellence for the cause of Christ.

Holistic Education

As Christian parents realize, there are many influences upon the lives of their children other than themselves. Perhaps the greatest of influences centers around their education. When the emphasis of the Christian home is contradicted, as may be the case, real conflicts arise. It is for this reason we have gone to great effort and expense to provide a Christian education that excels in academic and spiritual instruction by using a Christ-centered curriculum in a Christian environment. By instilling in our young people the proper Christian philosophy of life, we strive not merely to prepare young people for making a living, but we strive to prepare them for living.

Students at FBS not only train academically but also spiritually, athletically, musically, and dramatically to serve their God wherever He may call them. In all disciplines, FBS would have its students pursue their utmost for Him.


Besides our spiritual concerns, Faith Baptist School is an unbeatable financial option for the family wishing to place their student in an established educational facility. With over thirty years of private, Christian education experience on the Delmarva Peninsula, Faith Baptist School offers an academically rigorous education at an affordable price. Recent studies of peer institutions surrounding FBS as far as an hour away conclude that, in most cases, FBS is several thousands of dollars less expensive merely in tuition. This disparagement does not represent a lack of effective faculty members, rather it tells of the financial burden accepted gladly by Faith Baptist Church and its members to house the school as well as faculty members to pursue Christ’s work rather than “great riches.”


Our History

In the early eighties, Faith Baptist Church found itself in the same position as many other conservative, Biblically based churches in the United States. With the continuing secularization of public education in the late nineteen seventies, including the removal of God from not only the curriculum but from the entire public education system, an abundance of Christian families, deacons, and pastors felt that the church was capable of providing a solution to such an egregious issue. The need for a conservative and Biblically sound education to compliment and not detract from the Biblical teaching parents were giving their children at home became a necessary and glaring problem in the eyes of Pastor Reinert and other members of Faith Baptist Church. In 1983, with seventeen students enrolled, Faith Baptist School opened its doors. Kindergarten through sixth grade were the first grades offered. The school’s first administrator, Mark Jago, Mrs. Martha Wood, and Mrs. Kim Sterling made up the school’s original faculty. Mr. Jago was responsible for choosing the Falcon as the school’s mascot as well as the grey and maroon color scheme, the same characteristics our students take pride in today. In the school’s second year its student population doubled; this was a “big encouragement” according to Pastor Reinert. Himself teaching the small school’s initial Math and Bible courses, Pastor Reinert remained an integral part of the faculty and even now fills the role of the secondary advanced math teacher. Each successive year following its inception, the school would add a new grade until it reached the full compliment it retains today. God has truly blessed Faith Baptist School with families, students, faculty, and administration to keep it a viable educational option here on the Eastern Shore for the last thirty years! Since 2012, Faith Baptist School has attempted to renew the focus on attaining youthful teaching candidates and providing them with the resources, including experienced mentors, to achieve excellence in their workplace. While names like Mr. Ron Rice, Mrs. Linda Reinert, Mr. John Jochum, Mrs. Carol Brown, Miss Fretz, Mr. Merritt Price, Mrs. Taylor, and Miss Sally Bosaw (Mrs. Lager) have given way in some cases to Mr. Zockoll, Miss DiSabito, Miss Myers, Mr. George, and a younger Mr. Jochum, the tenor of academic excellence has not diminished in the slightest. The pursuit of His best for our students remains paramount.


  • Brian-and-Theresa-Zockoll

    “We have had our children in Faith Baptist School since 2002. At some point, we have had a student in every class from Pre-K4 through 12th grade. FBS has equipped our children with the knowledge base, support, challenges, and experiences necessary for whatever it may be that the Lord has for them to do. Two of our children have graduated from FBS and four still attend, a senior, a sophomore, an eighth, and a sixth grader. Our oldest, a 2006 graduate, completed her undergraduate and then earned her Master’s in English Literature. Our other graduate has earned his Bachelors in English and is working on completeing his Master’s in English with a Literature concentration. We are thankful for the faculty and staff of FBS. They have shared their knowledge, love, care, time and prayers on behalf of our children. We highly recommend Faith Baptist School.”

    – Brian and Theresa Zockoll

  • Joseph-Martin

    I graduated from Faith Baptist School in 2007, and from 2012 Grove City College with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. I am currently employed as a Design Engineer at an assault rifle manufacturer. The things I learned in high school at FBS put me ahead of the curve for college, and the religious focus offered plenty of chances for me to serve my friends and neighbors. I interact socially with almost all of the staff to this day, and many of my best friends are from high school.

    – Joseph Martin

  • Ben-Reinert

    I graduated from Faith Baptist School in 1999. I am currently an Auto Sales Associate for I.G. Burton. Through my 13 years at FBS, I learned mportant life skills, including discipline, respect, leadership and character. These skills have helped me have a very successful sales career without compromising any of my Christian values.

    – Ben Reinert

  • Stephen-Jochum

    Graduated from Faith Baptist School in 2003, from Faith Baptist Bible College in 2009 Currently Employed as a residential counselor, psychiatric assistant, and finished a M.A.in History from University of Iowa State in Spring 2013.Faith Baptist School gave me the core values that grew me to an adult over my college years, and taught me to value simple faith in a complex world.

    – Stephen Jochum

  • Brandon-Martin

    I graduated from Faith Baptist School in 2004, and with a degree in business from Maranatha Baptist Bible College in 2008. I am currently the General Manager at eShowings Inc. in Newark, DE. The focus on Christ through a godly education and Christian friendship really prepared me, not only for my career, but in becoming a light to the lost. Some of my favorite memories are from my time at Faith, and it’s definitely the type of place I hope to send my children one day.

    – Brandon Martin

  • Christopher-Jochum

    Graduated from Faith Baptist School in 2005, and with a BA in Youth Ministries from Maranatha Baptist Bible College in 2011. I also received my Masters of Divinity at Maranatha Baptist Seminary in 2015.
    FBS’s academics and faculty prepared me to stay on top of my studies at college and Seminary by means of the work ethic they required of me. FBS also provided me with my closest friends to this day.

    – Christopher Jochum

  • Joel-Smith

    I graduated from Faith Baptist School in 2006, from Maranatha Baptist Bible College in 2010 with a degree in Humanities, and then from Maranatha Baptist Seminary in 2011 with a Masters in Cross Cultural Studies.
    I am currently an Account Manager at Ta Chen International in Burlington, NJ.
    I appreciated the range of opportunities I had at Faith, including scholastics, athletics, and fine-arts activities. I am most grateful for my teachers through my years at Faith. They taught me not only subject matter, but also true servant leadership through their example. I’m thankful that Faith continues to provide a positive education with a strong Christian foundation.

    – Joel Smith

  • Matt-Huntington

    I graduated from Faith Baptist School in 2006, from Bob Jones University in 2010, and then from the Maryland State Police Academy in 2011, Class 137.
    I am currently a Maryland State Trooper.
    FBS helped my parents instill the core values of a Godly Christian by following what Solomon wrote in Proverbs 22, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Faith also initiated other skills in my life, such as the ability to juggle the many different aspects of life such as academics, sports, work, and personal life.
    This helped me as I went on to learn more about managing my time and my life at both Bob Jones University and the Maryland State Police Academy.

    – Matt Huntington

  • Grace-Geide

    I graduated from FBS in 2006. I earned my bachelor’s in English in 2010, and I earned my master’s in English in 2012. I now work as an editor at BJU Press. I made so many friends and memories at FBS. I learned lessons there that eased my transition to college and that still influence my everyday life. My teachers were friendly and kind and truly cared about me; I always knew that they were there to help me not only with academics but with personal needs as well.

    – Grace Geide

  • Jennifer-Reinert

    I graduated from Faith Baptst School in 2008.
    I am currently working as the Office Manager at Conveyors and Plastics Inc.
    I treasured the God centered focus that the staff at Faith offered, and still does. Through the teacher’s testimonies I was blessed to have godly examples to model my own life after. Many of those teachers are still in my life today, but now as friends. One of my favorite aspects about the education I received at Faith was the teacher’s passion about the subjects they taught. Science rarely went without a hands on experiment, History had a creative view to learn about our government, and Math became a step by step process that rarely failed. Through their creative efforts I felt that I had a better understanding of the subjects they taught.

    – Jennifer Marie Reinert

  • Erin-Hale

    I graduated from Faith Baptist School in 2008, and then from Liberty University with a BSN in 2012. I am currently a Registerd Nurse working in the Emergency Romm of Peninsula Regional Medical Center located in Salisbury, MD!
    Faith Baptist School gave me the tools I needed to pursue my college degree and led me choose a career in which I am the hands and feet of Christ everyday.

    – Erin Hale

  • Andrea-Michelle-Zockoll

    I graduated from FBS in 2008 and from Maranatha Baptist Bible College in 2012 with a B.S. N. I now work as a Registered Nurse at Peninsula Regional Medical Center. FBS presented me with many opportunities, from academics to music to athletics to ministry. The teachers were passionate about the students and passing on their Christian values. I was well-prepared for college in every way! ( I met my husband at FBS too!)

    – Andrea Michelle Zockoll

  • Allison-Rabe

    Graduated from Faith Baptist school in May 2008. Received my B.S. in Pre-medicine December 2011. I am currently a graduate assistant working on my Masters in Business Administration at Pensacola Christian College. The academics at Faith challenged me and made it a much easier transition when I got to college. I have friends from all backgrounds (home school, Christian school and public) that struggled with the adjustment of their high school academics to college but for me, with what I learned at Faith, it was not a problem. I was able to test into the classes I needed to and had a great background for many of my freshman level courses. The classes I took in high school helped me not only in my Bible and history courses but also my science and math courses as well. Faith was a great school with great teachers that helped me to develop academically, socially and spiritually.

    – Allison Rabe

  • Phillip-Tdku-Martin

    I am currently pursuing a Business degree and am also a combat engineer in the United States Marine Corps. I’ve also recieved my certification as a nationally registered Emergency Medical Technician. Every class at Faith Baptist School combined education and christian development. FBS, through its influential teachers and awesome student body, was key in helping my parents instill godly qualities in my own life. I am greatful to have been a part of FBS!

    – Phillip Tdku Martin

  • Jocelyn-Claire-Witzke

    After graduating and 2011, I attended Pensacola Christian College and then returned to Salisbury to work towards a degree in Nursing. FBS gave me an environment to learn in that was safe and positive. I made so many friends there, and I loved the family atmosphere. I really felt that my teachers were invested in me and that they sincerely hoped for my success. One thing I really loved about FBS was the Fine Arts program. I had the opportunity to be involved in three dramatic productions as well as the handbell choir crom my 7th to 12th grade years. I loved the opportunities we were given to go to the nursing homes and interact with our community. Academically, Faith put me far ahead of the curve heading into college, particularly in Math and History.

    – Jocelyn Claire Witzke