Even though the career paths of graduates are vast and diverse, we are all linked by the heritage of a firmly Christian education. We all carry with us the influence and impact Faith made on our lives. The teachers and administrators partly responsible for shaping your Biblical worldview, the facility itself, and your fellow graduates may all still prosper from further contact with you. Do not make the mistake of thinking that once you are finished with Faith, Faith is finished with you. We want you to be proud of your high school heritage, and we invite you reengage with us to help educate the next generation “for eternity”.

Your prayers, your willingness to volunteer, and your gifts are greatly appreciated! Throughout the year, the administration likes to highlight various alumni, and even hold alumni functions. Without your current information however, FBS is unable to contact you or use you in this way. We consider you a valuable member of the Falcon family still.

We invite you to update your Alumni information to help us stay current. Realize that though facilities, classes, faces, and regulations might have changed, Faith’s renewed dedication to excellence still includes YOU! We hope you’ll visit soon.

Mark Zockoll, FBS Administrator, 2016 

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