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Use this form to begin the registration process for Preschool through grade 12 registration. Please review the policies and fee information below.


  1. Registration fees are due with application for new enrollees. Current Preschool students registering for Kindergarten are considered new enrollees.
  2. All registration fees are non-refundable, and are payable to Faith Baptist School, according to the schedule listed below.
  3. Textbooks for the following school year are ordered prior to June 1, based on enrollment figures.Textbook and supply fees for students withdrawn after June 1, will still be owed to Faith Baptist School. No records will be released until those fees are paid in full.
  4. Preschool students must be age three (K3) or four (K4) and Kindergarten students must be age five by September 1. Preschool registration is due per child, regardless of siblings enrolled in grades K-12.


  • Preschool Registration/Supply/Activity Fee:
  • $100.00 per child
  • Re-Enrollment Registration Fee (Grades 1-12):
  • $95.00 per family before April 15
    $175.00 per family after April 15
  • New Enrollee Registration Fee (K-12):
  • $125.00 per family
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